African dance

I have conducted afrodance workshops in Wrocław, at the Afrykamery Festival 2007, Afrykamery 2009, Rythm and Fire Festival 2008, Drum Djemboree 2007, Progressteron 2009 in Licheń - workshops for firms and in Rzeszów at the WSliZ University. In 2010 I was invited with Yankadi band on the festival Hollow Hills near Moscow, and with Tom Murawski I had the pleasure to lead, a workshop for inmates in Prison Nowogard.

At the end of 2011 there was a return to the roots, and years later again at the side of Victor Golectogether with great musicians such as Jacek Kush, Alexander Olszewski, Bohdan Imiela, Jędrzej Kuziela and Wojciech "Ewer" Krasuski create a team "PAPADRAM".

I conduct workshops to live music because "alive" drums give amazing energy to dance. During my workshops participants use rattles what intensifies the amusement. I conduct workshops for children, the youth and for adults.